Loch Raven is the in-betweener at 2,400 acres, with an average depth of approximately 45 feet and a maximum depth of 75 feet. What separates Loch Raven from the other reservoirs is the thick hydrilla that grows in the summer. This underwater vegetation provides great cover for fish, particularly during the summer months when shad spawn in, and hold to, the deep grass.

In addition to bass and other warmwater species, Loch Raven also boasts northern pike and chain pickerel. During the fall months you have an excellent chance of hooking into some big toothy critters from the shoreline. Bring out a big jerk bait or swimbait and cast until you can’t cast anymore.

Another unique feature of Loch Raven is the ability to rent boats with electric motors. Avoid the paperwork of registering your own boat, and you still get the chance to fish where you wouldn’t be able to reach from shore. If you do rent a boat it’s recommended you spend the extra $5 for a second battery, which will give you more time on the water.