When Baltimore City constructed the Loch Raven Reservoir, over 1000 trees were planted adjacent to the reservoir to filter ground water. This process is still the most effective and cost efficient way to cleanse drinking water for public use. As part of “constructing” this forest, the city also developed a network of “woods roads” transecting the property.

From sunrise to sunset daily, visitors are welcome to hike along the woods roads that are maintained by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works. Additionally, four multi use trails have been designated for hiking and mountain bikes. Those trails are marked with City of Baltimore color coded symbols.

Please avoid any activity that results in the cutting of new trails or damage to the forest buffer that surrounds the reservoir. This activity has an immediate impact on the quality and safety of drinking water. A map link is included in this web page to help you safely and responsibly enjoy the Loch Raven Reservoir.